Introducing PatientSERV services

Robin Stirling

Office Announcements

Patient SERV

On April 4, 2024 letters from PatientServ were mailed to our adult patient households. We’ve partnered with PatientServ the Ontario Medical Association’s partner in uninsured services (services not covered by OHIP) PatientServ offers you a choice; you can continue to pay-as-you-go for uninsured services OR you can enroll in an annual plan that covers most uninsured services-please see the fee guide


Missing Vaccines – Letter’s From Public Health

Receive a letter from Public Health concerning children’s missing vaccines? Use the  Patient Upload button (top right corner) to send our nurse a message. Login in using the name, date of birth & health card # of the patient missing the vaccinations. Either attach the letter from Public Health or in the text box list the missing vaccination(s).  The nurse


Flu Shot

It’s that time of year again for your annual flu shot! Roll up your sleeves Halton. Our flu clinics are now done for this flu season. Due to shortage of flu vaccine WE ARE ONLY VACCINATING THOSE 6 MONTHS TO UNDER 5 YRS OF AGE with an appointment WHILE SUPPLY IS AVAILABLE. We strongly encourage flu vaccination, please check at


Children & Fever

Having a little one who’s sick can be very stressful. It’s important to know how to care for them, when to call a doctor and how to administer medicine. Here are some tips for caring for a child with a cough and cold. The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (think Sick Kids but in Ottawa) has created a helpful