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Uninsured Services

An uninsured service is a service that is not covered by OHIP.
An uninsured patient is a person without OHIP coverage.

Fax Prescriptions

You will be given sufficient repeats of medication until your doctor wants to follow up with you to determine the success of your therapy. If a pharmacy contacts us on your behalf for renewal it is not OHIP covered and will incur a fee.


Forms and Notes

Forms and notes can require a variable amount of work and have a wide range of complexity. Please see below for possible fees associated with the form you are requesting. If your form is not listed below please contact the office.

$25 and up


We offer a variety of services related to cosmetic issues. These include: Skin tag removal, Wart treatments, and Mole removal. See the full list of cosmetics services below. Contact the office if the service you need is missing.

$40 and up

Travel Medicine

Travel advice to the Caribbean, including prescriptions such as Dukoral, are not OHIP covered.

$95 and up


Certain vaccines are recommended but not publicly funded. Discuss with your doctor if these are right for you.

$75 and up

Services not covered by OHIPCost
Drs note (off work/school)$25
Prescription renewal without appointment$20
Chart transfer – Individual photocopy$60
Chart transfer – Family-photocopy$120
Chart transfer – CD $30
Transfer Medical Info-3rd party (Naturopath)$30
Duplicate immunization record$30
Duplicate test requisition (if can be done)$30
Missed referral appointment rebooking fee$30
Print/copy – 1st page$1
Print/copy – Each subsequent page$0.25
Missed appointment (not cancelled with 24 hrs notice)$30-75
Drivers Medical Examination including form$292
Adult – third party physical – without forms$224
Child – third party physical – without forms$116
Forms – third party physical$40
Disability Tax Credit Form (Federal)$150
Ear syringe not covered by OHIP$35
Travel advice – 1st family member$98
Travel advice – each subsequent family member$50
Travel injection fees – Individual$15
Travel injection fees – Family (4 max)$40
Travel injection fees – each additional family member$10
Gardasil 9$224
Havrix Junior$43
Twinrix Junior$46
Wart treatment (not covered by OHIP)$30 and up
Skin tag removal$150 and up
Cosmetic mole removal$200 and up
TB skin test 1 step $75
TB skin test 2nd step$45

*Third-party refers to requests made by an employer, school, camp, insurance company, etc.

Uninsured services are due at the time the service is received.
We accept cash, cheque, VISA, MasterCard and Debit.
effective March 21, 2023