Introducing PatientSERV services

Office Policies


A valid health card must be presented for each person to be seen by a physician or nurse. If you have a new photo card, please check the expiry date. It is the patient’s responsibility to renew coverage 4 to 6 weeks prior to expiry.

Patients who have doctor or nurse visits with expired OHIP may be billed for the visit.

Paid visits due to expired coverage can be reimbursed if you renew your health card promptly AND give sufficient notice of your new health card to our billing department. When you have your new health card please call and leave a message on our billing department voice mail at ext 1113. Include your name, health card number with its succeeding 1 or 2 letters and that you have a paid visit for reimbursement. Please allow four weeks to receive your reimbursement cheque.

OHIP card renewal options can be found at:
1 866 532-3161
TTY 1 800 387-5559
Health Card Renewal

Medication Renewal

You will be given sufficient repeats of medication until your doctor wants to follow up with you to determine the success of your therapy. You need to book an appointment with your doctor to follow up. Your best options to ensure you do not run out of medication include:

  1. While in the office, book your next follow-up appointment before you will need medication.
  2. Call the office for a follow-up appointment with your doctor. For best appointment availability, call a minimum 2 weeks prior to needing medication refills.
  3. When seeing your doctor for another reason, ASK for your medication repeats.

IF you run out of medication or will run out of medication prior to a scheduled appointment with your doctor and have no repeats, your options in order of BEST medical care:

  1. Ask your pharmacist to fax our office with the medication(s) needing refill. The request will go to your doctor, please allow 1-2 business days for a response. If you need medication before 1-2 business days, have the pharmacist record URGENT on the fax request.
  2. If the medication(s) you require are NOT NARCOTICS OR CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES, you may attend one of our After Hours Clinics (AHC) and see the scheduled doctor. IF you attend the AHC at our site, your medical record may be accessible by the scheduled doctor. If you attend the AHC at the Trafalgar site your medical record is not accessible to the scheduled physician.
    • Monday to Wednesday: at our office, 5pm-8pm (register prior to 7:30pm)
    • Thursday to Friday: 1235 Trafalgar Road, suite 200 (register prior to7:30pm)
    • Saturdays 9am-3pm. CALL 905 845 8771 for each Saturday clinic location and instructions.
  3. Ask your pharmacist for refills. Pharmacists with limitation can prescribe some medications.

Pharmacy or patient requests to renew medication(s) by fax or without an appointment with your physician is an uninsured service and subject to $20 fee.


Appointments that are cancelled by the patient without 24 hours’ notice are subject to a charge. 

Please see list of charges. For your convenience you may call 905 845-8771, press 1, Monday to Thursday 4:00pm to 7:30am & Friday 4pm to Monday 7:30am to leave a message in our cancellation mail box.


We only collect information that is necessary for your care & treatment. We only disclose information to those labs, clinics, hospitals, physicians and others involved in your care & treatment. We require your permission before disclosing any of your information for purposes not directly related to your care & treatment unless otherwise authorized by law. We recognize your right of access to your own health information and can provide you copies for a nominal fee. Please see list of uninsured services for copy fees. Questions or concerns regarding the privacy of your personal health information should be addressed to the clinic manager at 905 845-8771 ext 1114.

If you authorize our office to release your appointment information to another person, please call the clinic manager at 905 845-8771 ext 1114 and indicate your name and the name(s) of the person(s) you authorize our office to release your appointment information.

We require written notice to release your health information to another person. Please direct written authorization to the clinic manager indicating the person you authorize our office to release your health information and any restrictions as to the type of health information you authorize released.

Your consent to release will remain on your record until such time you withdraw.

Withdrawl of consent is validated when the clinic manager confirms receipt of your direction.


If we are unable to contact you, we will leave a message for you to call the office and we will provide an office extension or other instructions.

Test Results

It is our policy to call patients with results requiring follow-up (f/u). If your doctor has asked you to book an appointment to f/u results, please book prior to leaving the office. You will be asked the test, date and location of the test so we can ensure we have the result for your f/u appointment.
Blood work, x-ray, ultrasound, MRI and CT are usually available within 2 weeks.
Stool test and cardiac test results and specialist visit notes can take up to 30 days.

No news is not necessarily good news, sometimes it means your test has not been reported. If you have had an investigation, are concerned with the result and have not heard from our office, use the time estimates above and call our office, option 2,1 for reception, to f/u on the status of your test result(s). Our staff can tell you if the result has been received but no medical information can be given as staff can only release information authorized by your doctor. If you wish to discuss test results, you need to book an appointment with your doctor.

Specialist Appointments

If you are being urgently referred, your family physician will advise when you should follow up with our referral staff if you have not heard back with an appointment.

If your doctor is referring you to a specialist for a non-urgent reason:

  • The specialist will update you and your family doctor with your scheduled appointment.
  • If you have not been advised with either an update or an appointment 30 days after the non-urgent referral was initiated, please call our office referral staff.

Our referral staff can be contacted:
Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm call 905 845 8771 ext 1112.
Friday 9am-4pm call 905 845 8771 ext 1115.
The office is closed all statutory holidays and weekends.
All messages left when the office is closed will be followed up the next business day.

Please ensure we have your current contact information. Click here to update the office with changes in your address or phone. For your privacy and assurance that you receive the appointment, we will only relay appointment information to you directly, unless you authorize our office otherwise.

Test Requisitions

Test requisitions are important documents that contain your personal health information and MUST be brought to your test. Misplaced or forgotten requisitions may result in your test being cancelled or a $10 administrative charge (if we can provide a duplicate requisition).