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Uninsured Services

An uninsured service is a service that is not covered by OHIP.
An uninsured patient is a person without OHIP coverage.

Services not covered by OHIP
effective March 21, 2022

Drs note (off work/school) $25
Prescription renewal without appointment $20
Chart transfer- Individual photocopy $60
                       -Family-photocopy $120
                       -CD  $30
Transfer Medical Info-3rd party (Naturopath) payable to SMA $30
Duplicate immunization record $30
Duplicate test requisition (if can be done) $10
Missed referral appointment rebooking fee $30
Print/copy - 1st page $1
                  -Each subsequent page $0.25
Missed appointment (not cancelled with 24 hrs notice) $30-$75
Drivers Medical Examination including form $281.50
Adult- third party physical-without forms $215
Child -third party physical -without forms $110
Forms- third party physical $40
Disability Tax Credit Form (Federal) $83
Ear syringe not covered by OHIP $30
Travel advice-1st family member $95
                        each subsequent family member $45
Request for Dukoral: is NOT covered by OHIP and is subject to charge
Travel injection fees:  
   Individual $15
   Family (4 max) $35
                  each additional family member $10
Bexsero $142
Gardasil 9 $218
Havrix $73
Havrix Junior $41
Nimenrix $120
Prevnar-13 $132
Shingrix $164
Trumenba $135
Twinrix $75
Twinrix Junior $45
Wart treatment (not covered by OHIP) $40 and up
Skin tag removal $150 and up
Cosmetic mole removal $200 and up
TB skin test 1 step  $75
TB skin test 2nd step $45

*Third-party refers to requests made by an employer, school, camp, insurance company, etc.

Uninsured services are due at the time the service is received.
We accept cash, cheque, VISA, MasterCard and Debit.
Uninsured services list